Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Stitching Blogger's QOTW: Shop Dreams

If you could design your dream needlework/cross stitch shop, what would it be like?

I can put this into one little word you know - BIG! Ok, ok... maybe I can expand a little. Lets start with the location (location, location!) - it would be in a pretty little country village and be situated next to a tea room which would be linked to the stitchy shop so you could peruse your prospective purchases whilst you took tea. As for the shop itself... first of all, the staff would have to be stitchers themselves to help with stitchers questions/problems. The shop would have double bay windows, filled with bright & colourful displays that would change month to month. You would enter into a small, galleried hallway displaying stitched models, with doors leading to the left & right or straight ahead. Through the left door would be the largest display of kits known to man, woman or stitcher! The room (like the others) would be bright, airy with large windows front & rear, with a wide range of stitched models on display. The kits would be displayed in such a way that you could get to them & see them without difficulty (how many times have you been in a shop & the kit you wanted to see was at the very back of the rack, meaning you have to pull loads of others out the way to even get a proper glimpse of it!). Going back to the hallway - through the right door would be the largest display of charts/books ever known! Again, displayed in a clear, easy to get to way. Finally back to the hallway and through the door straight ahead. Here is thread/fabric/bead/embellishment paradise :o) All manner of lovely things to help you in stitching your project. There would also be stitching accessories in this room - frames, hoops, needles, scissors etc etc. Then off to the tea room and a nice cup of earl grey tea ;o)

Can someone build me a shop like this please? I'd be ever so grateful, especially if it was in Hampshire which has no proper stitchy shops, lol! This is probably made up of the best elements of the best stitchy shops I've been to or seen. It would definately be a bit of a Tardis. And I think the tea room is VERY important! Hmmm... shame I'm on the stash wagon - its making me feel like I should be shopping.........!


Faith Ann said...

Your shop sounds lovely!

And, yay, another person who is on the stash wagon! I just posted on Gill's blog that I am *firmly* resolving to stop buying stash until after Christmas. I really, really mean it this time :)

Sam said...

Lol Faith Ann :o) I hope this is a BIG wagon as so many of us seem to be getting onboard! I may also make an exception for the new Mira, but I want to see a piccie first.