Monday, 22 November 2004

New look... same blog!

Welcome to my new look Never Run With Scissors. I have to say thanks to Faith Ann for giving me the idea (your new look is great BTW!) & I thought I was due an update, so here it is. Something odd had happened to the old one anyway & all the sidebar contents had moved themselves down to the bottom & I couldn't persuade them to come back up again, but now they're back where they belong! I'm still tweaking it and still writing up my Egyptian diary.... so please be patient & normal service will be resumed shortly. :oD


Faith Ann said...

Oh gosh, I've influenced a good way!

Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I love your new look too...although I thought I was in the wrong place at first!

I'd say you've added to your collection of hand-dyed fabbies quite quickly...a girl after my own heart...don't waste time if you find something you like.

Mindy said...

Your new blog layout looks great! I think it's a lot easier to read, too.