Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Christmas time is here again!

Phew, phew and phew again! I have finally got my Christmas tree up! And not any old Christmas tree - I got a new one yesterday for half price in a sale!!! Its a beautiful one, it even feels nice and has little pine cones & berries. Anyway, it took me nearly an hour & a half to get it just right, fluffing up each branch individually and then inserting it into the er, trunk (!). It looks great and it hasn't even got any decorations on yet! I'm off to work a night shift very soon, so I will tackle those after a few hours sleep tomorrow.

I received a lovely stitched ornie through the post today from a secret stitching exchange. Its a Mirabilia design, from JCS 2000 mag, stitched over one with a bit of metallic and I love it! There's a scan in my Webshots, in the Gifts album. I've never participated in anything like this before so wasn't quite sure what to expect. I sent off my first attempt at an ornie, which I guess wasn't that bad for someone who can't sew (but can cross stitch!). I'm so delighted with mine that I had to put it straight on my new tree, so I told a little fib - there is ONE decoration on my tree! :oD


Faith Ann said...

Lucky you...I desperately need a new Christmas tree! I think I'm going to watch the sales after Christmas.

Yany said...

Sam, your ornament is beautiful!! and congratulations for your new Christmas tree, I put mine last month, I like to have Christmas spirit almost 2 months LOL, but right now the lights and ornaments are all in different places because of my children LOL..