Saturday, 15 April 2006

Clumsy Clot :o(

I really could kick myself sometimes you know! I've managed to damage the USB port on my digi camera so now I am unable to upload my pics to the PC. I think I may have wrenched the lead out too harshly last time I was using it & the piece inside with the contacts in seems to have been pushed over to one side. I just hope I can get it fixed without too much expense :o/ I am a little heavy handed at times which I guess is a little unusual for a stitcher! Somehow I can manage to do these dainty little stitches with my clumsy hands ok, but with other things I sometimes seem to be a one-woman trail of destruction! Whoops.

Thanks everyone for your really lovely comments about my photo :o) Does wonders for a girl's esteem! Gill, lol I really giggled at your comment about Pete saying I looked like you :o) And Faith Ann, your comment was very sweet, thank you.

I had planned to share piccies of what we got up to last weekend when Andy's mum came to stay. I guess I'll have to share them once I get my camera fixed. We had a lovely time at
Weald & Downland Open Air Museum on a beautiful spring day. There's lots of historic buildings that have been dismantled from their original sites which were due to be destroyed for redevelopment. They are then re-erected at the museum for future generations to explore. Andy's taking his class there on a school trip soon so wanted to explore before the big day. I'd been there several times many years ago, though my last visit was in 1990. Despite that, I remembered my way around pretty well. Andy managed to pick up lots of useful info for the trip & we had a delicious lunch too! Homemade soup with rolls baked using flour from the mill on-site. There are also lots of farm type animals around the museum. It's lambing season, so we saw lots of sweet baby lambs who were basking in the sun! They also have shire horses and having been obsessed by horses ever since I was small, so I made a beeline for them :o) They are gentle giants indeed. One of them even gave my hand a kiss!! Awwwww.

I've had a busy week. As it's the Easter holidays I only needed to work 3 days this week & one of those I spent at Tonbridge store (in Kent) helping with HR files. I work 4 days a week & my predecessor works the other 1 day plus she is a newly promoted HR Manager at Tonbridge store. She needed some help with the filing system so asked if I would assist her. It was very interesting to see another store. It's around a third the size of mine & all on one floor. I don't envy her commute every day though, around the M25. I'm much happier on my little bus which trundles along by the sea :o)

I've just finished making some chocolate cornflake Easter nests. Anyone want one? ;o) Yummmmmmm! Needless to say I made a bit of a mess & had to lick out the bowl I melted the choccie in afterwards. Guess I'd better go check on them before the Easter bunny finds them... Happy Easter everyone!


Kip said...

MMM I love chocolate corn flake cakes! just letting you know I changed to a new blog the other address doesn't work anymore ;o)

Nicola said...

Mmmm ... cornflake cakes left?