Sunday, 2 April 2006

Oooh my aching thighs!

We've had a lovely day today. It's been sunny mainly with a smattering of clouds now & then but rather windy. So me & Andy decided to meander off on our bicycles with no plan whatsoever! We got to a little cafe between here & Brighton so stopped off for tea & toast. It was pretty packed inside so we were brave & sat outside where it was a little breezy! I always take ages to drink tea as it's always far too hot for me so I have to let it cool. Needless to say, sat outside in the cold breeze, I didn't have to wait for long before I could drink it! We then decided to venture on further east, to Brighton pier which didn't take very long & as it was such a lovely bright day we found ourselves trekking onwards towards Brighton Marina! It was a nice, easy ride as the wind didn't seem that strong & was with us. We had to stop just past the pier & walk for a way as the road had been cordoned off for the Morris Minor owners meet! They're such lovely old cars & there must've been around a hundred or so there in various colours & forms. Me & Andy have often fondly talked about getting a VW Camper to trek around the countryside in, though they're pretty pricey as they're collectors pieces now, so maybe getting a Morris Minor would be good! There was a beautiful green & cream one with a picnic basket strapped to the back :o) That would be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!! We mounted our cycles again once we'd passed the meet & made our way to the Marina. I was able to pick up a few bargains at the huge Asda store there (including a lovely pair of boots for £10!) and we sat for a while at another cafe drinking more tea whilst devouring some delicious apple strudel - yum! And then... the journey home. It had been such a lovely, gentle ride eastward, but travelling back west again the wind was very much against us & really strong! It was such hard work that it took nearly 2 hours to get home again!!! I'm sure I am going to feel it in my thighs big time tomorrow! :o(

I've got a couple of piccies to share with you, showing my progress on Titania. I've not backstitched her face yet, so she still looks a little odd! I've also arranged the packs of beads I bought at Olympia last week around her so you can get some idea of the colours I'd like to use in her wings:
And here are the beads & her face a little bit closer:

The beads on the left are a really pretty silvery purple, the middle ones are a bluey silver and the right ones are silvery pink. I hope they are going to work with what I have in mind! :o)


Scully said...

Titania is looking lovely so far Sam. the bead colours are very pretty :)
I envy you the bike ride, we've had rain and wind today! I can't wait til I can use my bike properly again instead of just around the back yard. Once my foot and the weather are better I'll be off!
One tip for aching muscles is to get some Olbas Oil and rub a few drops into the achy area. It acts like a hot rub and really works! (smells good too)

Faith Ann said...

Titania is looking beautiful already! I think the beads you chose for her are lovely :)

Sounds like an ambitious bike ride... but a nice way to spend the day :) Hope you're not too sore!

Karen said...

Your bike ride sounds wonderful!

Titania is really coming together! Just beautiful. : )

Kim said...

She's looking so lovely! And your ride sounded wonderful! It's nearly that time of year to be out and about. :D

Seahorse said...

The bike ride sounds great fun and very romantic! I love how Titania is coming along.