Friday, 23 June 2006

Still got the blues!

My apologies for a lack of blogging for a while! I haven't had a great deal to say I guess :o) I'm also actively trying to spend less time on the PC. I spend a good part of my day at work on the computer & when I get home I just need a break from it. Using the mouse for prolonged periods also gives me wrist & elbow pain which is not good. It should also encourage me to spend more time stitching... well, that's the idea anyway!

Talking of stitching, I'm still plodding away with my blues:

I'm officially celebrating a finishing of page 2 HD! Yay :o))) I can now get onto page 3 where the head of the princess starts, so I can finally get to stitch some non-blue colours!

In other news, my poor car failed its MOT a couple of weeks ago. It was only on 3 things, 2 were really inexpensive & the 3rd (something to do with wishbones for the suspension) weren't that expensive, but apparently its very labour intensive to remove the old ones & put the new ones in, so the labour costs made it a pretty expensive little failure. Its all fixed now though, mind you a new radiator is also on the horizon soon as my little car gets rather hot when I'm dashing up the motorway... :o(

I'm off to catch X-Men 3 a bit later with my nephew. Its been out for a while & we just haven't been able to arrange a day where we were both free to see it. It's not really Andy's cup of tea you see. I'm off from work now though for 17 days - yay!! Because, yes, its that time of year again.... it's Wimbledon! :o))))) We have tickets for court no.1 on Monday & I was also offered late ballot tickets for the men's semi finals. Unfortunately they arrived the same week my car was costing me a chunk of cash so I couldn't accept them :o(((( I'm sure we'll probably go up again though, during the 2nd week, to mingle on the outside courts and munch on a strawberry or 2 ;o)


Kip said...

Great progress Sam - which part will you stitch next? 17 days off sounds great, not a fan of wimbledon but have fun anyway!

Heather said...

Is this a Heaven and Earth Design, Sam? It is looking great, even if you only have shades of blue.

Ah Wimbledon. Mum & I usually go each year. When my little girl was just a baby, I left her in the capable hands of my Dad and saw Lleyton Hewitt, defending his title, lose in about 15 minutes flat on centre court. The next match was a ladies match and it ended in what felt like seconds. That was my first time I'd been on centre court, the next time I couldn't make it, so Dad went in my place.
We didn't get great tickets this year, so we decided not to bother - oh well I suppose it's home made Pimms then!!!
Enjoy your time off and the tennis.

Faith Ann said...

Oh my gosh, that is A LOT of blue!! My hat's off to you for not setting it aside!

Hope you enjoy Wimbledon and your 17 days off!!

Seahorse said...

Yay for Wimbledon - have fun there!

I love the delicate shading of teh blues.

Karen said...

Wow! That's a lot of blue. I probably would have burned out on it and stitched something else! Congrats to sticking with it. I can't wait to see more. : )

I totally understand about not wanting to be on the computer too much. I'm on it ALL day for work, and sometimes I just need to get far far away from it. I also find it eats up my stitching time.

Carto said...


I've just discovered your blog - it's great! I love the different shades of blue, well done you for sticking with it!

Ah, Wimbledon time again - there's nothing like watching a bit of tennis, even better when you can actually watch it at Wimbledon. Have a great time :)